Monday, December 12, 2011

From fit-LESS-ness to Fitness...

In my mind, the progression into running looks a little something like this:

No running.

First run,
More running.
First run that actually feels good.

First workout,
More workouts. 
First workout that actually feels good.

More running.
More workouts.

First race,
More races.
First race that actually feels good.

More running
More workouts.

A GOOD race that shows your potential...
A GREAT race, that smashes your former conception of your potential...
A new conception of your potential, more dreams, more training...
And repeat.

This morning, after three weeks of doing workouts, I reached the stage of having a workout feel good, and I am pretty darn excited about it. I haven't blogged for awhile because I felt like nothing all that exciting was going on in my running life, but the way I felt leaving Lifetime Fitness this morning made me realize that all these mini-milestones from fit-LESS-ness to FIT-ness are quite exciting, and some of the best parts of running. The human body has amazing potential to get out of, and back into shape, and I am so grateful to be on the upswing into a full winter of base-training. I am also grateful for my coach who helps direct me on my way towards that "great race that smashes my former conception of my potential", and my teammates who are there with me chasing similar dreams, every step of the way.

Now I'll tell ya what I am not grateful for: somehow, my previous draft of this blog got swallowed up somewhere in cyberspace, even though it told me my draft was saved. I had written more eloquently and in more length about this topic, but alas my patience and endurance for blogging has waned, so I leave you with this abbreviated, sub-par duplicate of the original.

Hopefully this reaches you in good health and in good spirits, have a happy holiday season and happy training!

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  1. same to you looking forward to a new season of running